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Gloucester & Cheltenham Rubber EPDM roofers

Gloucester & Cheltenham EPDM Rubber flat roofing installers

We are approved contractors for the use of Firestone EPDM Rubber Cover

EPDM Rubber roofing has become very popular with home owners and commercial clients as it provides a flexible waterproof memrane that covers the entire flat roof. The EPDM rubber is resistant to UV and even the most extreme conditions the UK weather can throw at it. A well installed EPDM rubber flat roof will last well over 20 years providing a sound investment at an affordable price.

Leading EPDM Rubber Flat Roofers

Our roofers who installed the EPDM Rubber system are trained and qualified to do so and they take pride in delivering in a leading flat roofing system. All details are finished to a high standard and we work at a high standard using the best flat roofing system, you really can not get better - and it is affordable.

Our Flat roofing choices:

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Gloucester & Cheltenham felt flat roofing
Gloucester & Cheltenham GRP flat roofing
Gloucester & Cheltenham Rubber EPDM flat roofing

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One of our surveyors will attend the site, job or place of which the work is to be carried out usually same day dependent on time of inquiry and work load. Quotes are next day for most GRP flat roofing work enquiries. Major GRP flat roofing works are guaranteed seven working days with complete breakdown, schedule of works and health and safety plan if required.